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The Sharing Moon


Elijah is different. He's confused. And he used to be alive.

When eighteen year old Elijah Solomon dies, so do all of his memories. A mysterious message sends his lost soul back to change the life of one girl, and relive a very intriguing world. It isn't easy having a second chance, Elijah soon realizes. Dreams reveal clues from his past he isn't prepared for.

Seraphina Adams lives with her emotionally distant mother and battles the darkness in her own mind. After the loss of her father, Sera finds that opening up and learning to trust can be the hardest things to grasp.

Until she meets Elijah, the most beautiful boy she's ever seen.

She smells like spring and flowers and rain, even though it’s winter. Sometimes, he thinks he loves her so much that his mind is unable to distinguish between love and obsession. Which is worse?

~Quote from The Sharing Moon 

There is the scent too. Wonder follows it; wonder about how a boy can smell like that when he probably has no idea. He smells like the woods in the winter or the rain when it first falls, or maybe it’s just the way he always smells and there is no way to define it.

~Quote from A  Halo Sun

A Halo Sun


Damian Cass died when he was a teenager at the hands of his own father. A hateful soul afterwards, and lost in between realms, his only solace was to find someone to torment, someone else to blame for his father’s evil ways. Until Damian is sent back unwillingly for another chance at life. A life he can’t fully remember.

Aurora McKay has lost everything important to her. Living on grief and hope, she hangs on by a thread each day. When she ends up in the very same place Damian lands, the last thing she expects is to feel anything for him—a boy who has as many secrets as she does.

In this sequel to The Sharing Moon, the most difficult paths lead two people on a journey they never imagined. One where both fear and belief bring forgiveness to a heart that was never supposed to feel love.

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